The Baby Moon - one giant leap

North London antenatal classes and birth preparation support run by Mars Lord and Rebecca Stewart.

Enjoy your Baby Moon!

  • Are you finding it difficult to get to traditional antenatal classes?
  • Do you or your partner work in the evenings or at other irregular hours?
  • Does your partner work away from home making local classes difficult to attend?
  • Are you returning to the UK to have your baby and want to book antenatal sessions to fit in with your arrival in London?
  • Would you feel more comfortable preparing for your baby's birth if you didnít have to join a large group of people?
  • If this is not your first baby, would you like a 'refresher course' that fits around your family commitments?

If you feel that your own particular circumstances mean that you may miss out on preparation for your baby's birth, please contact us. We specialise in working on a one-to-one basis with couples and families all over North London who would like birth preparation classes that are tailored to their own particular needs.

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